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University of Organization Management, NMIMS

MBA: 2013-2014

Trimester: My spouse and i

|Instructors | |Prof. Amit Bhadra |Extn. 5858 |Email Id: amit. [email protected] edu | |Prof. Neeta Acharya |Extn. 5854 |Email Identification: [email protected] edu | |Prof. K. Ravi | |

Credit Value: 3credits

Introduction to the course:

During the last decade marketplaces have substantially changed. Consumers are no more the passive race fans accepting virtually any communication fond of them. They not only only communicate to the company, yet also to other buyers whom they may have never achieved, through various communication programs like posting of their experience on the internet or firm websites or perhaps social media systems. They are in a rush to share their experiences – good or bad. Present day reality is that consumers acquire on the basis of such recommendations from unknown and faceless people. Consumers spend more time on the net searching for " best buys” before taking final decision.

Competition has also improved dramatically. It really is no more now the competition in the product category but also from apparently improbable alternatives. Competing pertaining to the user's attention can be as important as growing inherent competitive advantage in products and services. Even the customers today offer competition to the set up players through online auctions of pre-owned items.

Technology has turned the modern era an electronic digital era. In such an era with the changing market conduct, it is no surprise that advertising formats have undergone a transformation. No longer would it be sufficient pertaining to the marketing expert to communicate only through mass media and place the products and wares in retail stores. Internet marketers we need to indulge consumers in an interactive function, through the digital media make the products and services in the electronic selling format likewise simultaneously. Customization is not just a buzz word but a reality inside the contemporary industry situation. What exactly has changed? Although basics of marketing have not transformed, the goal of marketing and the forms of marketing possess changed. Thus also the approach to customers has changed significantly. This first course about marketing is defined in the previously mentioned context.

Learning Objectives / Outcomes

The purpose of this course is to get learners understand the dynamic character of the market and the paradigms in setting up a value pertaining to the customer which often leads to improvement in the organization's top series and revenue. In certain terms, this system should help you to understand the subsequent:

a) To show ability to match marketing competition in an Of india setting (LO 1b) b) Use/apply deductive techniques/models/frameworks properly in promoting contexts (LO 2b) c) Ability to employ information from all business relevant capabilities in marketing decision making (LO 3b) d) Research, strategy and create written assignments meeting particular academic criteria. (LO 4b) e) Deliver an effective formal presentation (LO 4c)

f) Identify the ethical problems and consequences of a offered marketing difficulty (LO 5b)

Teaching/Learning Technique:

To achieve previously mentioned objectives, this course would be taught through situations, written task submissions, field work based assignments and participation focused lecture periods. Also as part of the pedagogy and to guarantee an effective learning, the pre-session reading materials, which will be directed at the members, well before the session commences has to be examine by the individuals before the treatment begins.

Analysis Criteria:

|Specific assessment methods/tasks...