Whole Food Market in 2008: Eyesight, Core Values, and Technique Essay

Case question one particular: What are the main elements of the strategy that Whole Foods Market is seeking? Whole Food's chief elements of the approach are to build the company like a market innovator of organic and natural super marketplaces by distinguishing its providing with top quality naturally stored food to the world market and become an international brand in each and every community. However the company is additionally determined to establish unique value chain activity by hiring specialized and knowledgeable workforce to up keep provider's growth and profit margin. The approach also concentrates on sustainable agriculture and will serve the community users. In a simple word, business chief elements are Whole foods, Whole People, and Whole World (Thompson, C2, 3)

Case issue 2: Is a strategy well matched to latest development and conditions inside the natural and organic foods segment with the food retailing industry? Whole Food's marketing strategy, purchasing and distribution, product line, and retailing of all-natural organic food is completely compatible with the latest development and conditions of natural and organic food segment. Natural food represents free of man-made ingredient, color and chemical. However the food needs to be cultivated and refined without the usage of pesticides, antibiotics, hormones, unnatural fertilizers or genetic architectural. To keep up with natural and organic food section, Whole Foods' product line included some 31, 000 natural, organic, and gourmet foodstuff and non food items. The organization offers new produce, meat and poultry, fresh seafood, selection of daily baked goods, high-quality cheeses, iced foods, beverage & wines, and organic and natural pet food. However , Whole Foods' every one of the meat and poultry products are organic, raised with no use of man-made growth hormones, antibiotics or dog by-product inside their feed. All the sea food is definitely wild trapped or procured from aquaculture farms. Likewise their sea food is never treated with chlorine or various other chemicals. Additionally, they bake daily using whole grain and unbleached flour. Their very own Cheeses are free of man-made flavors (C-12).

Circumstance question several: Do you think david Mackey includes a good proper vision intended for Whole Food? Why or perhaps why not? So what do you like or perhaps dislike regarding the company's slogan " Complete Foods, Entire People, and Whole Planet”? Do the motto and rules underlying in (exhibit 1) really matter at the business or are they will just nice words and cosmetic window dressing? Describe. Mr. David Mackey has come with a energetic strategic vision by adding the words " Whole Food, Whole People, and Complete Planet” collectively. However , the vision appears too wide to focus on particular subject matter and make essential decision. From my point of view, Whole Foods has integrated the proper vision halfway. Even though the business offers wide range of organic and natural foods including international section, it is difficult to imagine that many possible varieties of food could be offered beneath the same roofing (C-12). Whole Foods may well recruit useful people for company to ascertain sustainable worth chain managing with successful work force, however the word " Whole people” represents people all over the world. Not the company provides maintained a well-balanced recruitment worldwide nor dished up people of whole world yet. Business has become socialized by promoting sustainable culture, donating by non-profit agencies and engaged with community citizenship pursuits like blood monetary gift, meal finding your way through homeless and supporting local farming craze (C-19). Nevertheless a environmentally friendly and environment friendly production is definitely not capable to make enough natural and organic food to serve the world where some community is definitely not financially strong enough to consume the high priced organic foodstuff. Moreover, provider's contribution is actually little to serve the whole planet. Circumstance question four: Do Whole Foods Market's core ideals as offered in case display 3 genuinely matter? Are...

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