W. N. Yeats and Thomas Sturdy Essay

п»їCommon Literary Tactics

1 . Symbolism: It is the use of figurative language to create visible representations of actions, things and concepts in our mind in such a way that they appeal to our physical senses. For example: The room was dark and gloomy. -The words " dark” and " gloomy” are image images. The river was roaring in the mountains. The word " roaring” appeals to our sense of hearing.

2 . Simile and Metaphor: Both equally compare two distinct things and takes in similarity together. The difference is the fact Simile uses " as” or " like” and Metaphor does not. For example: " My love is a lot like a reddish red rose” (Simile)

He can an old fox very sneaky. (Metaphor)

3. Hyperbole: It can be deliberate exaggeration of actions and ideas for the reason of emphasis. For example: The bag weighs in at a ton!

I use got a thousand issues to look after!

4. Representation: It gives some thing, an idea or perhaps an animal individual qualities. Such as: The plants are dance beside the pond.

Have you see my new car? She is a real beauty!

your five. Alliteration: It refers to precisely the same consonant sounds in terms coming jointly. For example: Better butter always makes the batter better.

The girl sells seashells at seashore.

6. Love knot: It is a fictional technique through which an subjective idea has a form of character types, actions or perhaps events. Such as: " Animal Farm”, written by George Orwell, is an illustration allegory using the actions of animals on a farm to represent the destruction of the previous of the Russian Tsar Nicholas II and the Communist Innovation of Russian federation before WW II. In addition , the activities of the pets on the plantation are used to show the greed and corruption of the Trend.

7. Paradox: It is utilization of the words in a way in which the planned meaning is totally opposite with their literal meaning. For example: The bread is usually soft as a stone.

And so nice of you to break my new PSP!

Function of Literary Devices

In general, the literary devices can be a collection of widespread artistic...