Vladimir Lenin Essay

Cia Gonzales

Mrs. Wilson

Pre AP British 1

21 April 2012

Vladimir Lenin

Vladimir Lenin, also known as Vladimir Lllych Ulyanov was a solid believer in equalism (Trueman 1). ”Vladimir Lenin founded the Russian Communist Party, led the Bolshevik Revolution, and was the builder of the Soviet state ”(" Vladimir Lenin” 1). In a book titled Animal Farm building by George Orwell there exists a character called Old Significant who resembles Vladimir Lenin. Vladimir Lenin was main to encourage the idea of the rebellion plus the idea of equalism, as do Old Major from George Orwell's Animal Farm.

Lenin came to be April twenty-two, 1870(" Vladimir Lenin” one particular ). He previously a very hard childhood. (" Vladimir Lenin”3). His relatives was of your lower class. His father was a school inspector. His mother was a women of very strange character (Clarkson 2). Vladimir Lenin acquired five littermates. Anna was your oldest given birth to 1864. Alexander came following in 1866. Then simply came Olga in 1871. Another buddy named Dmitri who was delivered 1874. Finally Maria 1878. These weren't the only littermates who emerged, Olga given birth to 1868 and Nikolai delivered 1873 the two died because babies. ( Service 25). " Lenin was the third child and very noisy- a fantastic bawler with combative, content little hazel eyes. ”( Service 31). His daddy died of cerebral hemorrhage. His brother was hanged for protesting. (" Vladimir Lenin” 3). Lenin Started to be very interested in politics when he was in the university of Kazan. While in the university, having been arrested and expelled intended for always being the leader of numerous protest (Simkin 4). Afterwards, he earned a license to examine law on his own (" Vladimir Lenin”4). Lenin later delivered to St Petersburg and stayed considering politics (Simkin 5).

Lenin Became a lawyer assistant and during this time was very involved with the Revolutionary Promocion. (" Vladimir Lenin” 5). " Vladimir Lenin began to develop a Marxist underground motion. He achieved his Nadezhda Krupskaya, who also he wedded in 1898. ”( " Vladimir Lenin Biography" 4). " In 1896 this individual...

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