Essay about Veracruz


I chose Veracruz because it borders several states in the Republic and three local cultures remain inhabited presently there. Veracruz is usually very big and has many people right now there. (71. 699 km ² and inhabitants of 7, 128, 214 inhabitants).

At this point, it's a chance to look a little closer at this city and what it presents. Fill in the chart listed below to help plan the information you have found on your Internet analysis. You will be making use of this later, therefore be sure to provide thorough details!

Información: Founded by Hernan Cortez.

Atracciones: gorgeous beaches and carnival a celebration featuring music, boogie and amazing parades. The prehistoric associated with El Tajín is one among Veracruz's best archaeological sites.

Restaurantes: La Capsantina. Rental property Rica. Mardel.

Hoteles: Noray. Balaju. Meson Del Mar. Bello.

Select one of the accommodations you discovered, and do a few research on the categories listed. Complete the chart beneath with the information you have found.


Habitaciones: 12


En totalidad Incluído: a couple of bed, a mini fridge, a pool, shower & bathtub, cable television, air condition, cabinet, room support. (All Inclusive)

Facilidades con Servicios: space service. Pool.

(Facilities and Services)

Tarifas: 130 for the double area a night.

(Prices, rates)

En pesos mexicanos

Now, really time to put everything collectively to write with regards to your stay in South america. Write a passage of at least 15 sentences in Spanish about your stay in metropolis and identify the resort of your choice. Employ words from the vocabulary that individuals studied and write this in the preterite tense. Use the following questions as a guideline in your publishing. You composition should include responses to 7 of the 12 questions here. ¿Adónde viajaste? ¿Dónde comiste?

¿Con quién viajaste? ¿Qué comiste?

¿Qué llevaste? ¿Cómo pagaste la cuenta?

¿Qué necesitaste en el hotel? ¿Qué visitaste?

¿Quién subió las maletas? ¿Qué compraste?

Viajé a Veracruz, México.

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