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How To: Make use of Comparing Tactics



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Examining Similarities and Differences

Comparing may be the process of identifying similarities and differences between ideas or perhaps things. A variety of strategies can be utilised when designing assessment activities. We all will discuss sentence comes, Venn diagrams, double bubble diagrams and comparison matrices.

Sentence Come Comparisons

This tactic can be used to have the students compare people, character types, places, incidents, concepts or processes. The comparisons could be general or specific. Marzano's Becoming a Reflective Teacher, provides the following examples:

General – House cats are similar to lions because ____________________. House felines are different than lions because _______________________.

Particular – Sherlock Holmes and Gandalf are both character types who get pleasure from solving tricks, but they are distinct because ____________________________.

After a fitness center teacher offers provided a number of critical-input encounters on baseball and fast pitch recreational softball, he might designate a phrase stem task comparing and contrasting the two sports. A completed model can be found in Marzano's A Handbook for the Art and Science of Teaching and looks this type of thing. Baseball and fast pitch softball are very similar because they both…

• Have four bases in a diamond form

• Include 9 protective players.

• Have the same ball/strike counts: 5 balls = walk & 3 hits = out Baseball and fast message softball vary because…

• In snowboarding, the basics are 90 feet separate, but in fast pitch softball the basics are 60 feet apart. • In baseball, the pitching range is 62 feet, 6th inches, in fast frequency softball, the pitching distance is among 40 and 46 foot depending on the standard of play.

• In hockey, the glass pitcher throws overhand, bit in fast pitch softball, the pitcher tosses underhand. An additional sentence originate example comparing monarchy and dictatorship is presented inside the Art and Science of Teaching on page seventy two. An empty sentence in your essay stem theme is fastened.

How To: Employ Comparing

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Sentence Come Comparison A

______________________ and _____________________ are similar because they both: _______________________________________________________________________. _______________________________________________________________________. _______________________________________________________________________. __________________________ and ________________________ vary because: ________________________________________________________________________. ________________________________________________________________________. ________________________________________________________________________.

Sentence Come Comparison N

______________________ and _____________________ are very similar because they both: _______________________________________________________________________. _______________________________________________________________________. _______________________________________________________________________. __________________________ and ________________________ vary because: ________________is______________, but _________________is__________________. ________________is______________, but _________________is__________________. ________________is______________, but _________________is__________________.

How To: Use Comparing

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Venn Layouts

Students employ these aesthetic representations to compare and contrast several people, heroes, places, issues, events, concepts or techniques. Similarities involving the topics of comparison will be written the place that the circles intersect and features that they might not have in common are written where the circles will not intersect. They could be used for...