The Life of Piiiiiii Composition

" Lincoln”

1) The theme of " Lincoln” is that slavery may be the cause of separating in America. By simply passing the 13 variation, the Confederates would become a member of the Union and the Detrimental war would cease. 2) During Lincoln's presidency, there have been many dissimilarities to the marvel world. The differences came from the areas of contemporary society and education. During the 1860's, women had been considered weak, weak, and deficient when compared to a man. All their main job was to take care of their families. Most of the rights that were granted to free guys were possibly prohibited or perhaps not provided to a female. Possibly in the House of Representatives there was clearly not a one woman. Furthermore, education was not regarded by simply mothers and fathers as an important job to life. As a result of war, because of nationalism, and due to fighting for a proper rights cause, most children above the associated with 15 were called to duty, either for the Confederates (south) or perhaps for the Unions (north). While the nobles, such as the Lincoln subsequently family, believed in education, most teenagers believed it was their particular goal to fight for their particular nation, otherwise they believed that they were wasting their very own life. Last but not least, I learned from the video that Democrats were to get slavery, while the Republicans were against that. The Conservatives were also those that wanted the 13th Amendment to be approved, thus supporting president Lincoln's ideals. 3) During the elongated process of looking to pass the 13th Modification, there were challenges and success. One have difficulties that the Democrat's brought to the House of Associates was their ideal that instead of completing the 13th Amendment and emancipating slaves, the Confederates should produce peace with the Unions. In case the war should cease with a treaty, without the 13th Modification passing, the Democrats assumed the thirteenth Amendment was useless in trying to generate a better union. Also, on the way to the White colored House were Confederates through the south that have been coming to produce a treaty with the Union. Though the news of Confederates...