The Gautreaux litigation Composition

п»їCallie Gordon March 18, 2013

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The Gautreaux law suits were the first main public casing desegregation law suits. They helped end ethnic discrimination in public areas housing in Chicago, which usually resulted with better work options for adult surfers and superior lives for children who transferred out of black ghettos. They influenced public housing desegregation through the United States. The condition

General public housing segregation was a large problem in Chicago, il. Between 1954 and 1967, the Chi town Housing Power (CHA) built more than twelve, 300 seperated public casing units mostly in poor black local communities to prevent blacks from moving in to affluent white colored neighborhoods. Much more than 99% of public casing for Chicago, il families was built in poor black neighborhoods. Only 63 were not in poor, racially segregated areas. Although people wished and necessary public enclosure, there were two problems with the CHA's program: 1 . In the high soars, there were lots of poor people in big complexes, which is not a good option. Concentrated poverty creates a large number of problems, including crime, assault, and well being dependency. 2 . The public enclosure units created by the CHA were racially segregated and were busy almost completely by Photography equipment Americans. Whom

Dorothy Gautreaux was a great activist who have lived in a racially seperated public housing unit named Altgeld Gardens. She and three different residents went to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), a non-profit organization pertaining to civil rights, where a attorney named Alexander Polikoff performed. He used the case, and brought that with him when he began working by Business and Professional People for Community Interest (BPI), a community interest law practice and plan center. The Litigation

The first circumstance was Gautreaux et al. v. CHA and it absolutely was brought in federal government court in 1966. The ACLU contended that segregated public casing was a...

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