The Difference between Traditional and New Police force Strategies Composition

" Traditional vs . Fresh Law Enforcement Strategies”

Frank DeMorrow


July 29, 2012

Professor Maia Jefferson

The law enforcement community plays an essential role within our day-to-day lives. They are not only requested with improving the laws, but they are likewise tasked with helping out the city in various techniques. What happens when the traditional model of law enforcement is changed? Will there be any level of resistance from specific divisions of the police force? What is going to be the factor pertaining to the success of a new program, if perhaps implemented?

Beneath the traditional police model, officials are tasked with duties such as patrolling the pavements and reporting broken sidewalks, potholes, street, and traffic lights that must be replaced. Under the new plan called " Employing Imaginative Closure Tactics, ” patrolling officers use sergeants and lieutenants to review crime info and come up with the best strategy to problems. By doing this, it enables officers to show their experience in areas such as felony investigation, traffic enforcement, medication suppression, and routine patrol.

With any business, change will come with resistance. Some of the significant resistance could most likely result from senior associates of the pressure. These people that have been around for awhile have probably found many leaders want to " produce their mark” by implementing their own tips. These skeptics have probably accepted the idea that selected divisions are specialized in the spot of expertise and that changing the way that they function would affect the tempo of the push. However , most of the people agree that change is a good thing and can lead to improvement within the police.

The modern changes would no doubt endure opposition on some levels, but right now there would also be many who support these people. The followers would probably be the officers which might be directly impacted by the changes. Simply by allowing patrolling officers to work straight with detectives, the...

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