The Crusades Essay

Right at the end of the eleventh century plus the start of the 13th century a total of nine wars experienced occurred in the Middle East, also referred to as the Ay Lands. These wars will be known as the Crusades. Original the Crusades were started as the Byzantine Empire asked Pope Urban lmost all for support against the Muslims and this individual persuaded many men to go and fight. However the other explanation the Crusades started and continued was because both equally Muslims and Christians needed control over Jerusalem, which was attached to both their particular religions. Eventually the Crusades had impacted both sides within a positive and negative approach.

The Crusades had a impact on both Eastern and Western planets. The main effects for both equally sides was a rise in trade (doc. 5). This kind of caused the opening of trade routes with recycleables being traded back and forth (doc. 2). As well desire for these kinds of new raw materials changed the medieval approach to trade by getting spices or herbs to keep meals from spoiling and replacing the regular apparel with man made fiber (doc. 8). Another positive impact was that Christianity spread in the Eastern universe which was among the churches primary goals, though their different main goal of capturing Jerusalem never genuinely succeeded.

The Crusades as well had a unfavorable impact on both Eastern and Western planets. A major negative impact would be that the Crusades started a long have difficulties between the Christian believers and Muslims and caused the Muslims to have a awful relation with Christians and Jews (doc. 5). Likewise both Muslims and Christian believers committed various crimes in the name of their religion and for themselves, by massacring Jews (doc. 1) and when the Christian turned on the Byzantines by simply sacking Constantinople, which damaged the lives and tradition of the Byzantines (doc. 9). Another adverse impact is that in the fourth Crusade the church wanted to reunite the Greek and Latin church buildings back together, yet only brought on a permanent divide between the two (doc. 4).

The Crusades afflicted the Traditional western and...