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Use of Computer and Technology in Bank Sector to Economic Advancement Bangladesh

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Laptop and InformationВ TechnologyВ (IT) is changing our wayВ ofВ doing things. It is therefore changing theВ bankingВ industry to be monetarily developed in Bangladesh. This study isВ toВ look into the impactВ ofВ Computer and IT on theВ bankingВ industry in Bangladesh andВ inВ particularВ toВ what level customers happen to be satisfied with THIS enabled servicesВ andВ contributeВ toВ this industry's expansion. The part of Pc and Information Technology (IT) in gaining customer satisfaction and efforts to development is famous. Bangladesh bank industry keeps growing rapidly, particularly the new technology of regional and international banks. Within a short time with their inception the new generation financial institutions are having the capacity to attract a large number of customers to get rendering quickly and effective services. Consequently , an scientific study have been conducted to ascertain: The consumers' perceptions on the impact of Computer and IT in banking services, The customers view on the THIS enabled services in terms of minimizing the conversation between cashier and buyer, promptness and efficiency of services and transactions, as well as the influence from it in patronizing the Bank as well as its economic development. Nazneen Sultana, Deputy Chief of the servants, Bangladesh Bank, who is the architect of digital central bank has shared her views with daily sun about tech-aided next generation financial. Computer network has provided a new impetus in the bank sector. They have made financial sector simply dynamic than previously. Online system has already been launched in many financial institutions. Now we no more will need carry funds money around to the remotest regions of the. If this technique can be released in all banking companies in our region, Bangladesh should be able to step into a digital one.

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