Technology Outlook Essay

Technology forecasting is considered to be vital in the current business environment. There have been various success stories along with failures. Forecasting technology affects many aspects by acquiring a new technology to developing a new-technology. The study course will start with reviewing a lot of methodologies then will examine those effects and how to get them to beneficial for the organizations through many circumstance studies, professional and exploration articles. Case Studies happen to be selected coming from Harvard Business School Circumstance Studies. Articles are selected from periodicals such as Technology Forecasting and Social Change.


Specific Deliverable

Cases (team – in class)30%Presentations

Job (team)40%Paper + Presentation

Blood pressure measurements (individual)30%2 content discussions

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TOTAL100%


CASES – Cases will be analyzed and presented in class by clubs. You should go through and have yourself familiar with the case before the course, READINGS – You will be assigned 2 articles to discuss in the lecture. PROJECT – Identify an emerging technology as a team and develop a forecast using Technology Forecasting Equipment. Examples of such projects will be provided. Your team is necessary to present the progress and results of your project throughout the scheduled instances in class. Progress presentations probably should not exceed twenty minutes as well as the final business presentation will be limited to 45 minutes. Additionally you will need to fill in a report which should follow TFSC journal recommendations for a log paper. Your report includes a books search justifying the topic and methods used. CASES

1 . Strategic Preparing at United Parcel Service, David A. Garvin, Lynne C. Levesque, Product#: 306002 2 . Forecasting the Ownership of a Cool product, Elie Ofek, Product#: 505062 - AND - Forecasting the Re-homing of E-Books, Elie Ofek, Peter Wickersham, Product Number: 9-505-063 3. Illinois Superconductor Corp.: Forecasting Demand for Superconducting Filters, Mohanbir Sawhney, Lisa Damkroger, Greg McGuirk, Julie Milbratz, John Rountree, Product#: KEL096


Introduction to Technology Forecasting

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Technology Forecasting Methods

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