Outline for Tel Composition

Television as well as effects about Children

Thesis Statement: The influences of television could be both positive and unfavorable for children; in the United States the average kid spends twenty-eight hours each week watching television. The content of the implies that children enjoy daily shifts their patterns as well as their very own view level and ultimately it dictates the manner by which they communicate with others.

My spouse and i. INTRODUCTION

A. kids watching television

M. Background information with the topic

Tv (TV) can be described as telecommunication moderate for sending and receiving going images which can be monochromatic (shades of grey) or multicolored. Television has many programs that can make people especially kids to just sit in front of television set. But tv set has poor influence to children.

C. Preview with the speech (central idea)

Today I will convince all of you that television has negative affect on children which are losing time, offer negative impact on minds and attention deficit disorders among children. Transition to body of speech

Let's start by watching television may waste little one's valuable time.


A. Main-point 1 -

I actually. Supporting details-children will not carrying out the other healthy points that can boost their growth, yet just seeing the television

ii. Supporting details- children turn into less lively without television and effect the healthy and balanced child advancement

Transition to Main Point 2

Other than throwing away time, television set also can provide negative effect on children's head

B. Main-point 2 – watching television provide negative influence on children's head I. Supporting details- physical violence, the children can be not fully developed enough to watch violent circumstance in tv set. for example , killers. II. Helping details -- Attractively presented advertisements and film testimonies deeply effects young brains to be conveniently influence

Changeover to Main Point several

Not merely giving the negative effect on minds, television set also...