Stp Technique of Cadbury Essay

Research Paper—Management


* Doctor Sandeep Kumar Malu

Introduction -Marketing is actually a societal method through which persons get what they need and want by using a process of exchange which gratify both specific and firm goal. According to NODRIZA - " Marketing Management is a technique of planning and executing the conception, pricing, promotion and distribution of ideas, goods and services to create exchanges that satisfies both individual and organizational objectives”. In respect to varied profiles of consumer which includes different educational background, level of affluence, lifestyle and different patterns of intake due to difference in persuits, traditions, techniques etc . promoting is basically split up into two parts -i) Non-urban Marketing; and ii) City Marketing. Non-urban Marketing can be defined as " an advertising activity which is targeted to country population in the rural areas which have a few difference inside their needs, wants, desire, ordering behaviour, consumer behaviour etc . as they are brought up in different customs, tradition and culture and possess different monetary, social and political background”. Objectives – 1 . To study the characteristics of Rural Human population. 2 . To learn how countryside markets can be catered and the untapped potential can be tapped. 3. Just how 4 P's of marketing may be adopted effectively and effectively in rural markets. 5. To study the various tools suitable for the rural market segments. 5. To study the function and ways of advertising in rural markets. Hypothesis -The buying behaviour of non-urban population differs from the others from city population and thus a different group of marketing mixture and approaches are required to get marketing these products in countryside markets. Study Methodology - This research work is based on hassle-free random testing in which 90 villagers via village " Betma”, have been chosen and the method of assortment of data was based on questionnaire and thus the size of data can be primary....