Social Bias Essay

Social Opinion Paper

Social biases are thought a problem in society because of one group looking upon another person or group since that group feels they are really better than the other. The social effect that a lot of groups include can make common biases. Social biases can be very harmful and can hinder interaction among people (Fiske, 2010). Relating to Fiske (2010), " Just as aggression research shows the basic social psychology of processes that can prove dangerous, the research in bias shows processes which might be demonstrably unhealthy and sometimes fatal for equally agents and targets of bias”(p. 428). Bias may also be characterized being a specific thought process or looking at something. An individual's behavior or attitude that is influenced by a particular wisdom can be shown as prejudice. It is not constantly common to understand that you are bias, occasionally an individual is not aware that are to be bias. This paper can identify and discuss a few common opinion and ways to prevent bias in today's contemporary society. Prejudice, Stereotyping, and Discrimination.

Stereotyping, bias, and discrimination all are biases because treating the individual because an exact manifestation of the group will certainly not be the same. The individual is never similar in all areas to a person's image of the group, and no individual precisely represents in all of the respects the average of the group. Bias can be defined as responding emotionally for an individual on the basis of one's perception of the group as a whole. Stereotyping is signing up to an individual their cognitive expectancies and groups about the group. One example is a drug dealer can be pulled over by simply local authorities with a lot of against the law drugs. The drug dealer's vehicle is usually dressed in chrome with twenty inch rimes trimmed in white gold or platinum. A business gentleman is also pulled over with the same style car and no medicines and wonders why he could be pulled over. The business enterprise man was stereotyped since his motor vehicle fit the description of the drug dealer's vehicle so that it...