Romeo and Juliet  West Part Story -- Contrast and Comparison Dissertation



• The overriding topic, of course , between two reports – Romeo and Juliet and The Western world Side Story is take pleasure in – deep, intense and passionate take pleasure in that flies in the face of friendship, as well as everything in the middle. This point is reinforced once Maria later on disregards the death of her sibling, Bernardo, at the hands of Tony and agrees to marry him, consummation securing the deal. • In the initial play, Romeo is a pre-buscent teen, described as a passionate, yet often hysterical and impetuous. There exists a series of powerful thoughts and emotions around Romeo - who takes to a whole new level of ‘intensity' - which is repeated in the musical – Tony's psychological outbursts, sneaking into enemy territory to see Maria, the foolish and mishap-murder of Bernardo by simply his hands and finally, his most foolish act of provoking Chino into firing him as a result of belief that his fan is useless. These extreme and serious emotions are what define Romeo and Tony, equally. • The two play, plus the film demonstrate audience the chaotic obstructions and cacophony that encompass passion and love, combined with the lives which have been laid to waste due to pointless feuds. • In both play and film, love is usually linked to death, as mentioned by the early suicides of Romeo and Juliet plus the murder of Tony. • Another idea that is evident in both the film and play may be the concept of " Us up against the World. ” Both performs highlight the struggles and conflicts with the " individual self” resistant to the norms of society.


• Inside the original play, a hysterical Juliet kills herself on discovering the death of her mate, which should be stated (though irrational), takes even more courage than one can picture. However , Maria, though also hysterical at first, uses Tony's death to indicate to the two feuding groupings the hefty cost this individual paid because of their senseless fights – his death. Likewise, Maria's choice of braving a life without the...