Rethinking excesses of Meritocracy in Singapore Essay

Meritocracy is a system that attempts to equalise opportunities and not effects. It allocates rewards based on an individual's advantage or their very own abilities and achievements.

Once rewards will be tied to a person's abilities and achievements, folks are motivated to strive and be the best they could be. The success of Meritocracy can be seen throughout the success of Singapore's economic status from the poor origins in 1970s to now. Singapore's GDP has grown by over 500 % in the last 30 years. This system ensures a world whereby everyone will work hard. Such a system is especially vital to Singapore's fast development by a Third Globe Country into a First World Country within 40 years. As everyone is judged by what they do, it also guarantees fair perform. As people are not judged based on preset biased conditions, which may impact work performance in any way, just like race or religion. Persons would work harder and produce better results. It assures fair enjoy in a discipline and people who miss out will have to seek other ways to improve themselves, thus creating a well equipped and self encouraged society.

Yet , by satisfying according to merit, Elitists are able to gain more possibilities in more than one way, specially when the prize is in terms of budgetary benefit. Persons, who are rich, have the ability to afford better facilities and have more contact with better chances. This makes the winners of the past generation of meritocracy to pass on their positive aspects, such as wealth and know-how, to prepare their children for the educational world, creating the new generation of elitists. This routine repeats itself and with each routine, the interpersonal gap boosts exponentially. After that it once again comes to a primitive system where a person's fate is decided after birth. This practice ultimately defeats the purpose of meritocracy as it has circuitously altered the equality of opportunities for all, significantly. Around the globe, meritocracy can be justified as it rewards...