Australia Can be described as Highly Varied Society Dissertation

Australia is actually a highly diverse society. World War II was a significant event in Australia's history. The World War II aftermath resulted in the establishment with the Federal Department of Migration which led to a nation-wide immigration plan. Many foreign nationals entered the borders of Australia in seek associated with an enhanced lifestyle and superior conformity. Migrants from similar cultures located their method to areas where it was similar to home. The Sydney suburb of Cabramatta has a centered population of mainly Japanese and Chinese cultures. World is classified under a class hierarchy which separated individuals according to their ethnicity and levels of profits. This mainly links to the comparison of subordinate groups the ethnic group, and the prominent groups the Anglo-Saxon areas. The pecking order aspect is usually evident throughout the notion of ethnic segregation within the suburb of Cabramatta through the dimension of spatial patterns. Winchester et. 's (2003) promises that in the beginning of the 20th century, geographers argued that landscapes, as part of biophysical environment generally determined the nature of the cultures which existed inside them. Cabramatta is a symbolically contested surroundings (Dunn, 1998). In some householder's eyes Cabramatta is a violent, gang wealthy drug haven. Whereas minority of people find is as a celebrated icon of Australia's cultural diversity. Figure one particular shows the Pai Lau Gateway in Cabramatta's freedom plaza, addressing the democracy and flexibility to all civilizations. This is sent through the The english language phrase " The world is good for us to talk about and to respect” which is located at the top of the image. The Gateway is history listed because of its significance for the community.

Figure 2 is usually an image of an Ox. The Ox correlates with the Pai Lau Gateway through the sides which are pictured in this graphic. The sides are also evident on the top 4 corners of the gateway. These are symbolic in a way which the horns symbolise the strength of the structure, making it sturdy as an ox. The Ox is definitely one of 14 animals in the Chinese zodiac and they are crucial symbols in Vietnamese zodiac. The Ox is a domestic animal which means it is an honest and hardworking. This is often related to the positioning on this sculpture which is located following to many businesses which symbolizes to the community that credibility and diligence will bring wealth, as the Ox is particularly known for their work especially in china's farming traditions where the Ox means prosperity as well.

The Cabramatta location provides cultural as much as economical opportunities. The diverse characteristics of Cabramatta allows for several business to be open simply by different civilizations. In this physique we can see a Chinese organization and a Vietnamese organization open up coming to each other. This is often identified by cultural composing on the business signs. Eating out is also a favorite pastime in Cabramatta. Lots of small restaurants serve Pho - a great aromatic Japanese soup with special home-made beef share, noodles, sharp vegetables, mint and other herbs, and part garnishes of chilli and lemon. Strengths of cultural concentration are usually ignored (Dunn 1993). With multiculturalism come cultural and traditional food infused with modern expertise. For example the café ‘What the Fudge' found on John Street serves an exotic fried Magnum and fried Gaytime ice-cream. This kind of idea is definitely the result of the traditional fried ice-cream of the Oriental culture electricity costs with the current day ice-cream. Dunn (1993) says that career conditions is often exploitative. Healy drew upon evidence gathered by the linen and clothing workers' union to characterise Cabramatta and also other ethnic concentrations as places of remarkably exploitative Hard anodized cookware outworking in the garment sector (Healy, 1996, p. 28). By having lots of businesses, it gives the suburb employment opportunities for new immigrants and also...

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