Marketing Segmentation of Mothercare Essay

Target Promoting; Mothercare

Focus on Marketing; Mothercare

Hafsa Asaf

Hafsa Asaf

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Demographic/ Socioeconomic2



Importance of Focus on Marketing3


Marketing Strategy Outline3

Current Marketing Situation4

Competitive Situation4

Marketing Strategy4

Target Market4

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Sales advertising and Advertisement4

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Markey Segmentation of Suggested Product5




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A report is definitely written on the marketing concept i. electronic. target advertising. In this report first the prospective marketing idea is described and discussed. Then we took Mothercare; U. K structured company that deals with baby products, and applied the prospective marketing concepts on it. While Mothercare discounts in wide range of products, we only had taken baby nourishing bottles to get our analysis. A survey was conducted through questionnaire to assess the various aspects of the item such as user's satisfaction level and product quality, the availability, value and work-related classes that use the product. The report in ended with the conclusion of our analysis.


Goal marketing is definitely the process of figuring out a group of buyers about which the company feels that they are meeting their needs with the products and the shoppers are likely to buy them. Target marketing is one of the preliminary steps of marketing strategy which usually later can be useful for creating the marketing mix (product, price, place and promotion). After figuring out the target industry, the company directs their marketing (especially advertising) efforts toward them to associated with customers buy their product. The target market segments can be huge and it could become challenging for the corporation to focus on the full market. Businesses tend to divide their concentrate on markets in to different aspects based on certain attributes and then focus on one or more elements. These elements are because follow: Geographic

On the basis of geographic characteristics, buyers of a metropolis, region or even a country are selected. When a firm is targeting country wise then they have to customize their advertising strategy in line with the culture and other aspects of that country. Demographic/ Socioeconomic

This involves identifying a target market on the basis of:

* Gender

* Era

* Salary Level

2. Educational level


This requires the collection of customers on the basis of similar thinking, life style, values and other considering patterns. Behavioral

Target market segments based on situations and level of customer loyalty towards a product or service. Importance of Focus on Marketing

Concentrate on marketing is essential for producing an effective marketing strategy as it identifies the opportunity of the market. The target market once clearly identified enables the managers to combine the characteristics which have been within the buyers and that the customers like in the advertisements. Inadequately defined concentrate on markets mislead the marketing efforts and could cause loss of brand photo and business. Mothercare

The target marketing principle we are going to study is in Mothercare. Mothercare was founded in the 1960s. It is a single largest selling brand of UK with above 1000 shops throughout the world. Mothercare usually objectives mothers and babies about eight years. The programs Mothercare normally uses to customers and advertisements are: * Retail Stores

* Interne

* Brochures

Marketing Prepare Outline

The purpose of Mothercare should be to provide the supreme care for the mother specifically expectant mothers and babies by on to eight years. This really is done with the focus on elevating the company's prosperity, profits, and market share and customer commitment. Current Promoting Situation

This year, the baby merchandise market while calculated to be worth forty-four. 7 billion dollar. Relating to a exploration, the demand of...