Politics: Less about Corporations and More regarding People Dissertation

governmental policies is less about institutions and more about persons

At Swarthmore's baccalaureate wedding ceremony in 06, Professor of Religion Mark Wallace mentioned Mathew Louis-Rosenberg inside the same breath of air as University co-founder Lucretia Mott, women's suffragist Alice Paul (Class of 1905), and civil rights member of staff Ralph Roy '50. This individual called all of them " faith based prophets, ” singular Swarthmoreans who have resisted the evils of American society—slavery, male dominance, Jim Crow, and now mountaintop removal coal mining.

" Resistance to tyranny is behavior to The almighty, ” stated Wallace, quoting a motto of the ladies rights motion.

In an interview, Wallace explained that spiritual prophets " put forth a moral eyesight … the moral call up of their time” and " tap into the deep vein of American mindset that uses religious and moral terminology to encourage social alter. ” He put Louis-Rosenberg in this business " because he is adding his existence and freedom on the line to advance the … cause of saving the planet. ”

Wallace, whose 2005 publication Finding God in the Vocal River: Christianity, Spirit, Nature explored the theological foundation modern environmentalism, said the utilization of civil disobedience by the environmental movement is but the most recent turn in a time-honored American tradition. Unfortunately, he added, this traditions is below siege. Regulations adopted just before and after 9/11, he says, " define environmental civil disobedience as domestic terrorism. ” He paperwork that Massey Energy, containing labeled Louis-Rosenberg and his comrades " environmental terrorists, ” is undoubtedly aware of these regulations.

By contrast, this individual points to Abraham Lincoln and Elizabeth Cady Stanton as individuals who broken up religious icons and suggestions " to touch Americans at their core and motivate these to change cultural institutions. ” Until identical figures making use of religious dialect arise, he said, " the environmental movement will not be good. ”

Former Swarthmore political science mentor Jeffrey Murer, now at St ....