Word Wall structure Strategies for Sessions Essay


November nineteen, 2012

I would use a word wall throughout the year in my classroom to help the students learn new vocabulary all year round. I would make use of a theme depending on the seasons of the year, such as in the winter I might do a Holiday and a Thanksgiving expression wall. Intended for the Thanksgiving theme We would use words and phrases such as pilgrim, harvest, Mayflower, colonists, fall, settlers, yams, Plymouth, Ma, November, puritans, voyage, Indigenous American, lead pages, Fall, casserole, tradition, treaty, celebration, and gratitude.

An additional strategy I would use in my own classroom has been doing a sight word wall membrane the help BEND and particular needs college students. I would write each fresh sight word that the college students learn on a sentence tape and post it within the wall as well as other sight words and phrases that the child has mastered. Over time the wall can grow to add all of the view words necessary to read the class level texts.

Another thought I would like to complete in my class is a literary works based universe wall you can use to help pupils during a books study. We would select keywords, new language words or characters' titles from the piece of literature the class will be studying, As these terms are experienced in the text or are released during vocabulary instruction I will write these people onto a sentence remove and post them collectively on a central wall in their classroom. The world wall membrane will help pupils learn fresh vocabulary terms as well as quickly access information when discussing the book in class.