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Aspires of the Course

• The broad aim of this course was going to provide learners with the knowledge that is required to understand the design, operation and characterisation of solar panels. More specifically the course aimed to: • Develop within students a fundamental theoretical understanding of the operation of solar cells; • Expose pupils to a broad variety of solar cell technologies, that are practised in laboratory and commercial conditions; and • Develop within students an ability to employ available equipment and ways to characterise solar panels.


Great Solar Cells

Becquerel Cells: Chemical substance and physical effects Grondahl's rectifier: Relates to metal-SC user interface


1st Modern Dans le cas ou Solar Cellular

• • Fuller produced high-temperature fumes diffusion for large-area junctions. D. M. Chapin, C. S. Fuller, and G. L. Pearson, " A brand new silicon p-n junction photocell for converting solar light into power power”, M. Appl. Phys, 25, 676-677, 1954. Planned p-n verse. 6% transformation efficiency in 1954 and 14% simply by 1958. Determine from Green (1990)

Then what happened?


Silicon Sun Cell Advances (1960s-1970s)

Front side grid, AR coating (1960s)

Back surface field level (1970s)

Textured front (1970s)


Music group Theory of Semiconductors

Precious metals: Conduction and valence rings overlap → easy for bad particals to move between bands. Semiconductor Metal Electron Energy Insulator Conduction music group electrons can move freely in the essudato



Conduction Group Valence Strap

Valence group electrons will be ‘bound' to individual atoms


Denseness of Declares

The Thickness of States is the range of " allowed energy states” per cm3 per strength interval. 5. 3/ two * 3/ 2 almost 8 2π (me ) almost eight 2π (mh ) 1/ 2 1/ 2 N c (E ) sama dengan h3

( E − Ec )

N v (E ) =


( Electronic vehicles − Electronic )

farrenheit (E) =

1  E − EF  1 + exp   kT 

Music group diagram (T = 0 K)

Density of declares

m*e and m*h – effective mass of electrons and openings

Probability of occupation of states

n(E) and p(E) for Capital t > zero.


Jar Density

The entire free electron density in is the crucial over all feasible energies: ∞ n=

∫ f (E )⋅ N c (E )⋅ para



n = N c exp((EF − Ec ) kT )

*  2πme kT  Nc = 2   h2     3/ 2

≈ 6. 2 ×1015 × T a few / two cm −3

" Successful density of states in the CB” Likewise for slots in the valence band:

s = N v exp((Ev − EF ) kT )

2.  2πmh kT  N v = 2  h2     3/ 2

≈ several. 5 ×1015 × T 3 as well as 2 cm −3

" Effective thickness of says in the VB”


Rules of Mass Action

Inbuilt, n-type doped and p-type doped si have vastly different electric powered p ≈ NA real estate. n ≈ ND in = l ≡ ni

" intrinsic”

" n-type silicon”

" p-type silicon”

However , each of them obey legislation of Mass Action, which will states the product of free electrons and free gaps is frequent (in thermal equilibrium).

np = D c In v exp((EF − Ec ) kT ) exp((Ev − EF ) kT ) sama dengan N c N versus exp(− (Ec − Ev ) kT ) np = And c And v exp((− E g )...