Peter Skzrynecki’s Migrant Hostel Essay

Migrant Hostel

Peter Skryznecki's poetic text explores the timeless notion of belonging inside the mid 20th century. In the opening stanza, through the use of sibilance, the gentle‘s' sound in " the comings and goings – Arrivals of newcomers In busloads through the station” produces a feeling of activity and change, as these migrants have arrived in Down under; a bustling city. Through this, Skrzynecki shows that these migrants, although they may be disorientated by their fresh surroundings, happen to be moving as a group, be it natural or processed, suggesting their very own inclusion of other migrant workers and motion to seek sanctuary. Another aural technique is applied within the first stanza, that is certainly, alliteration. The soft letter ‘w' within just " thinking who would become coming next” conveys the migrants' sculpt of pessimism and evokes emotion in the audience so vividly displays the isolation of the migrant workers as well as their particular lack of understanding in such a fresh environment.

Skrzynecki's poem is also littered with similes – " Like a homing pigeon Circling to acquire its bearings” portrays the lost migrant workers who search for others who does be in their group. In doing so , they are looking for a place of familiarity to are supposed to be and so, discover sanction. This union is likewise emphasised through the historical meaning noted inside the poem, in which " the memories of hunger and hate” advise the migrants are affected by the war flaming on during the time in which the composition was consisting. This evokes a feeling of sympathy and empathy within the target audience for the migrants as it is a negative, common experience the migrant workers share.

" We lived like wild birds of passage” forms an impact of movement and desperation from the migrants as they are continuously moving. This simile is used to highlight the migrants' panic and wish to seek refuge and safety. Retention also proves a difficult process to the people because the metaphorical barrier this is the Australian contemporary society " flower and dropped like a finger”, signalling violence and non-acceptance by the...