Settlement Letter Final Draft Pa-105-01 Product 9 Kap. U. Dissertation

Unit 9

Settlement Notice

Final Draft

James Draper

Legal Writing PA105-01

Mentor: Brian Tippens J. M.

Law firm of:

Chase, DiLiver and Billum,

456 Main Street,

Plainview, GK, 12345

10/31/2010 To: Whack, Raze and Runn,

Lawyers for Sun-drenched Dale Home gardens

123 Central Avenue,

Plainview, GK, 23456

Attn: Richard Hit Esq.

Via: Chase, Diliver and Billum

Attorneys pertaining to Mrs. Greeves

Re: Proposed Pay out

Dear Counselor Whack,

On behalf of our customer and in the eye of achieving an personable resolve devoid of extensive a lawsuit, we propose to accept the sum of $92, 500, as repayment in full, to dispose of the matter.

The requested sum is based after actual damage; past, present and foreseeable future and does not echo any lawyer fees, legal costs or perhaps punitive damage; those which the client may well incur through ongoing lawsuit. However , this firm is usually prepared to do away with these costs, if this kind of notification brings about an early arrangement. In the option, our organization is prepared to move forward to trial.

We are confident which our client will prevail in going to a trial within the merits; whereby, in view of all applicable elements, and dependant on the following reason, the court will more than likely rule against your client choosing the liability in both his actions fantastic inaction, to be compensable. It is reasonable to presume what irreversible damage to your client's reputation will likely occur which has a jury consensus of guilt, inevitably triggering loss of income.

With all thanks respect, counselor, your customer had obviously neglected the work owed to our client, that being, to take care of the working condition of the appliances which he derives a profit from in his business interests, the deficiency thereof, triggered Mrs. Greeves considerable loss and hardship.

To provide...