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A Foundation

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Costs and Melinda Gates Basis


Nonprofit Org. Management: PA 571


August 19, 2012

The name of the business I chose can be Bill and Melinda Entrance Foundation http://gatesfoundation.org/.

The foundation helps many triggers including hobbies in broadening childhood immunization; supporting polio eradication: helping the Usa Negro College Fund; promoting plans to transform how instructors are hired, developed, compensated, and maintained: mproving seed products and dirt for Africa farmers: increasing small farmer income: promoting a parti of countries in the developing globe making savings accounts, insurance, and other financial services available to persons living in less than $2 a day: tests and promoting the use of info and marketing communications technologies to deliver microfinance goods: supporting getting public computers with Internet access, training for staff, and execution support to get public libraries: and many other triggers. With the exception of school scholarships the foundation does not does not provide financing to individuals. This only allows proposals via 501(c)(3) and also other tax-exempt organizations. В Nevertheless it is college or university funding to get the individual that I want to center this kind of paper in.

In 1999, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation foundation agreed $1 billion to finance college scholarships to deserving students. As of yet, the Entrance Millennium Students Program provides helped 13, 000 high-potential, low-income pupils improve their lives through advanced schooling

Description of who is permitted apply to this foundation. Learners are eligible being considered to get a GMS scholarship grant if they will: Are Dark-colored, American Indian/Alaska Native*, Oriental Pacific Islander American** or Hispanic American. Are a resident, national or perhaps legal long term resident states Have achieved a cumulative high school GPA of 3. several on an unweighted 4. 0 scale or...