Opinion Article: Health Care

Steven Vanous

Opinion article


One of the most debated matters of today in America is Healthcare. How can we make it better? How could we correct the major imperfections? How can all of us, as a region, provide just about every American resident with right adequate medical? These are extremely good questions. I'm just your normal citizen and I figured it out. The answer to all these questions, and much more asked by Americans, is very simple. Adopt a " Socialized Health Care” system the same as the one which has been used north of our edges in Canada since the 1960's. This is my reasoning as to why we should have done this a long time ago. Canada, and many other countries, the United States medical care system is used as a version and as a warning against increasing Personal sector participation in funding health care. In the mean time, in the U. S., Canada's Socialized Overall health system is found by both equally sides of the range as a unit to be followed. Although many identify Canada's program as " socialized remedies, ” the word is incorrect. The Canadian system gives public money for private delivery. Canadian hospitals happen to be controlled simply by private panels and/or local health regulators, rather than becoming part of the federal government. How might this change in health care effect the economy? Research shows that Canada's government money of health care is approximately [US$] 1, 893 per person as well as per year. Within the U. S., federal government spending on medical is approximately [US$] 2, 728. My worked out savings, making use of the July 2010 Census report, figures to be over $256 billion dollars per year. The bottom line is, the U. S. spends more on Health Care than on Sociable Security and National Security combined. Which is just the commence of my own debate. Canada's single-payer universal health care system covers about 70% of expenditures, plus the Canada Overall health Act needs that all insured persons always be fully covered, without co-payments or consumer fees, for any medically necessary hospital trips and medical professionals care. About 91%...