Module one particular  2 Drivers Male impotence Reflection Log Essay

Jennifer Gamboa

Discuss 2 things you know regarding driving.

1 ) Always wear your seatbelt

2 . Be mindful at all times

W—What you need to know

Go over two things you would like to know about driving.

1 . I would like to know how to reverse and my highway signs

L—What you Discovered

Discuss in least two new things you learned coming from Module A single. 1 . I actually learned that it's my frame of mind during the day generate effect my own driving of course, if or maybe I will get in any kind of collision at all. 2 . Be sure you're not under the effects

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Module a couple of: The Driver: �

Complete one particular option listed below.


If you would not have virtually any ‘aha' moments, answer the questions listed below in total sentences employing proper spelling and sentence structure: �

Illustrate three characteristics of ‘at risk' motorists. �

1 . Impulsive

2 . More than confidence whilst driving

a few. Emotions all around us

Describe 3 characteristics of safe individuals.

1 . Pay attention

2 . Generate good decisions based on information

3. � Emotions happen to be in control

Explain three new driver errors that could cause a collision.

1 . Not really obeying the laws

2 . Devoid of courtesy individuals

3. Awful decision making

How will this information impact you like a driver now and in the near future? (2-3 sentences) This information impacts me like a driver later on by aiding me study different things regarding driving i never understood and even just how I drive. Such as, the way in which we may be feeling may affect our driving our whenever we listen to music too noisy we might not really hear a siren or a tire veer.