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1 Identifying and The labels: marketing mix tools with the product 4

1 . one particular The products amounts 4

1 . 2 Naming 5

1 . 2 . one particular The visible distinctiveness of your brand your five

1 . installment payments on your 2 Selecting the right name six

1 . three or more Packaging 7

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1 . 3. 2 The capabilities of packaging 7

1 . 3. 3 The importance of packaging 8

2 Product packaging and Naming for the power drink market 9

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installment payments on your 2 The labels issues and trends on the energy drink market 14

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2 . several Naming concerns on the strength drinks market 15

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The marketing mixture (tool largely used by marketers) is composed of the tactics getting developed by an organization in the four P's areas: product, selling price, place and promotion, to assist them in pursuing their particular objectives. These types of variables have to be carefully managed by the company to meet the necessity of the defined target group.

In this essay, we are going to concentrate on the " product" varying of the marketing mix.

Phillip Kotler provides defined the merchandise as: " anything that could be offered to a market to satisfy a want or perhaps need" (Philip Kotler, Marketing Management, 2000).

The product, yet also thier name and the labels, have a significant impact on the manufacturer positioning. They can be fundamental tools in helping the organization to cause trial and repeat order; they are also priceless to achieve the ideal awareness amounts and to form positive thinking among the two customers and perspective consumers.

Highly successful and attractive (giving the trend that individuals are increasingly trying to find convenient beverages that improve their energy levels), the vitality drinks companies are highly competitive.

A Mintel's research (Market Trends category analysis, Summer 2004, www.PreparedFoods.com), found tiny brand commitment among customers of energy refreshments, and a willingness to try a new product in case the brand of choice is usually not available. This suggest the chance that consumer could be swayed by the appeal of an intriguing package deal for instance.

With this context, we all will try to analyse, with the aid of the example of the energy beverages, the importance from the naming and packaging strategies employed by the brands to differentiate their very own offer from the competition (given that the common attributes of the energy drinks, when it comes to composition, are quite similar).

1 Naming and Packaging: promoting mix tools of the merchandise

1 . 1 The products amounts

Philip Kotler, in " Principles of Marketing", suggested that a merchandise should be seen in three levels (a division between five goods levels has also been identified by author in our circumstance, we are going to maintain your simpler scheme of three levels).

(source: www.learnmarketing.net/product.htm, 14/09/2004)

The core product (level one) signifies the primary function of the product, a generic attribute that will be identical to all items on a certain market. For example , the main credit a customer is usually willing to get when buying a power drink can be described as liquid which will composition will certainly comprise ingredients that boost their energy levels (caffeine, guarana, taurine... )

The actual product (level two) consists of the brand, the packaging and the conceivable added features (benefits) which might be provided to differentiate the company's product from the competitors'. In the matter of the energy beverages, if every one of them actually offer a liquid that increase levels of energy, some of them can be purchased in containers, other in plastic bottles or perhaps in aluminum bottles, applying different designs and volumes of prints.

The augmented product (level three) is composed of the different additional non-tangible benefits...