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C)What would you do if you were Datin Timah?

2. Be innovative, go for incremental & revolutionary innovations, end up being creative, believe out of the field, invent, pioneer, imitate. SHOW & INFORM US WHAT YOU PLAN TO DO. If we had been Datin Timah given the possibility whether to consider the Guardian's offer or perhaps sell off of the business for the Watson, all of us will take in the Guardian's provide rather than offer off to the Watson. This is due to the profit enhancement. If we consider up Watson's offer, we can only find the short term income and we are unable to longer have the market. However , whenever we take up the Guardian's present, we can have long term income and we may sustain in the industry since the Protector will help all of us in delivering our product to end consumer. Furthermore, Guardian will not get in the way in the managing of Orang Kampung seeing that their targeted only to the merchandise. Beside, they are willing to support Orang Kampung in Analysis & Advancement and also creation because they have the knowledge. We can say that was the gold opportunity for the Orang Kampung to broaden their marketplace and target market. To support in the market, one product need to move with the time, therefore , if ahead of this Jamaah Kampung not concerned about that they package their particular product, right now, they need to worried since eye-catching packaging one of many important online marketing strategy that capable to catch up the consumer and capable to compete with various other competitor's product. Datin Timah is very conventional and keeps to classic way to make the product, so , she does not believe in revamping traditional remedies into modern day pills and capsules, mainly because according to her the chastity of the traditional medicine will probably be contaminated with the toxic-chemicals. From your point of view, we believe that r and d team have got a way keeping the traditional preference and good thing about the traditional treatments but still may modernized that so that it can compete with other modern medicine. However , if Datin...