Life Less difficult Today Than It Was 50 Years Ago Essay


S. Kathleen Kitao

Kenji Kitao

When you write a newspaper, you use several information that you have read in books, publications, on the Internet, etc . The teacher may have told you, " Use your own words. ” Put simply, even when you use someone else's info, you are not permitted to use the terms they composed. You have to employ your individual. You have to the same thing in another way. This is named paraphrasing.

For example , in case the book you are studying from says, " David Adams, who was involved in earning independence to get the United States, was the second Director. ” You are unable to write these words within your paper. You can not even create, " Steve Adams, a man involved in successful independence to get the United States, was its second President. ” One way you could re-write it is to say, " The second American President, David Adams, was also powerfulk in gaining freedom pertaining to the country. ”

Nevertheless , in spite of being told to use your own words, you will possibly not know how to take action. There are a variety of techniques you should use. You can change the words intended for words of similar which means; you can change the grammar; you can change the sentence structure or grammatical forms. In this reading, you will see about methods you can paraphrase.

Techniques of Paraphrasing

Prior to you possibly begin to paraphrase, you need to make certain that you understand the things you are browsing. If you do not determine what you examine, you cannot paraphrase it.

There are 6 ways that you can change paragraphs to paraphrase the information. You will probably not use all of them inside the same sentence in your essay, but you can make use of ones that are appropriate. (In each of the illustrations, only one change is made. This may not be enough should you be actually paraphrasing. ) Read about each type of change, and appearance at the cases. Then make that sort of change in the sample phrases that follow.

Changing Phrase Order

One of the ways you can transform a sentence in your essay for paraphrasing is to replace the word buy. For example , you may change " Because We slept inside its final stages, I missed my initially class” to " My spouse and i missed my personal first class since I rested too late, ” or " In order to complete that school, I had to analyze very hard” to " I had to examine very hard in order to pass that class. ” It is at times necessary to change the wording in the parts of the sentences. For example , " Terry wanted more books, yet he couldn't afford these people, ” may be changed to " Terry didn't want to afford even more books, though he wanted them. ”

1 . If you are going to New york city for Christmas, be sure to take warm clothes. __Be certain to take warm clothes, for anyone who is going to New York for Christmas. ___________ ________________________________________________________________________________ 2 . Although the weather was good, Joan was in a poor mood. ___Joan was in a negative mood, however the weather was good. _____________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ several. I had necessary, so I lent some.

__I took out some money, since I had none. _____________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________

Changing Areas of Speech

You can even change elements of speech. If the sentence runs on the noun, you may rewrite the sentence to use the action-word or qualificative form of the word, for example. You may change " Fifty-four males signed the Declaration of Independence” to " Fifty-four men put their validations on the Statement of Self-reliance. ”

1 . The business needs to take action for this issue.

__The company must solve this issue. ______________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ 2 . The indegent economy is the cause of substantial unemployment. ___The poor economy has caused high joblessness. ______________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ 3. If you eat rabbit, you will find its taste just like chicken. __If you eat bunny,...