Essay upon Learning Teaching Assessment

Assignment 1: Clinical Skill Teaching Prepare

Aim of Assignment

The teaching strategy will display the knowledge of the learning ideas, learning models and the part of feedback in enhancing a scholar's clinical skill development and learning encounter while on clinical practice. The teaching prepare will stick to Edinburgh Napier University guidelines on this task and referencing, being completed within a term limit of 2000.


Using the online module content for learning result 1 and 2 with the input provided via the lectures and components provided in tutorials you and two, the prospect will depth how they might promote student learning within the clinical learning environment. Especially within the function the instructing plan must have the following composition:

5. An introduction, (approximately 100 words) that ‘sets the landscape for the teaching strategy ' for the reader. This should identify the practice setting and outline the types and of students/ students that are placed within your clinical area, with the skills that they are expected to achieve at all their level.

5. A main section, (approximately toll free words) that ought to be written in an academic style and use the E Skill teaching construction (Studdy ain al, 1994). to describe the task adopted to:

i) Explain how you will utilise a student's recommended learning design to assist these people learn a new skill in practice.

ii) Make clear how an awareness of learning theories can enhance learners learning in the practice placing in showing the safe delivery of any chosen skill.

iii) Outline the position of feedback in promoting learning in practice

* A conclusion, (approximately 100 words) the function of which is usually to summarise the important thing points that you have raised as part of your skill instructing plan also to indicate the possible ramifications of these intended for future practice.

* A reference list: reference point citation and listing should be carried out inside the Harvard file format detailed in: http://nulis.napier.ac.uk/

Reference point

Studdy, T. J., Nicol, M, L. And Fox-Hiley, A (1994) Teaching and Learning Scientific skills, part 2: Progress a Instructing Model and Schedule of Skills Development Nurse Education Today 18 186-193

Evaluation Structure

This educating plan will be assessed using the Edinburgh Napier University University of Breastfeeding Midwifery and Social Proper care structures details of which are fastened.

Assessment a couple of: Case Study Crucial Exploration

Purpose of Assessment

Using the case study offered within which usually a student was assessed with the mid-term of a placement and located to be declining to meet their very own learning results for the location, an examination will be performed, identifying the place that the student needed assistance to meet up with their learning outcomes. Making use of the Gibbs (1998) reflective version the candidate will reflect on the scenario identifying strategies that can be adopted by the mentor/ preceptor can support the student and facilitate their achievement of their placement outcomes. In particular the assignment will certainly:

i) Critically explore the instructing and learning strategies which can be employed in practice to assist the failing college student to achieve their learning results

ii) Illustrate how they could create/ maintain/ enhance the suitable learning environment to enhance and support college student learning

iii) Reflect on the own learning needs with regards to the id and support of the failing student

The article should have the next structure:

* An intro, that ‘sets the picture for the essay' to get the reader. You must also identify your selected case study and provide a brief overview of the model of representation including a brief discussion of the relevance of reflection in nursing practice. (approximately 90 words)

2. A main section, (approximately toll free words) which needs to be written in an academic design. Use of the first person is acceptable when producing...