Latin Night at the Pawnshop Essay

A Latin Christmas

In Martin Espada's " Latin Night in the Pawnshop, " the poet examines the Latin traditions during Christmas time in a youthful, but still growing community of Latino migrants. The poem proposes that during some time in America, people of Latino descent could not enjoy themselves during the vacations as they would if they were in their own country. Therefore , the theme of the composition is greatly influenced by the demise of Latin culture in America. Estoque augments his poem to make the theme crystal clear by using the next elements of beautifully constructed wording: diction and tone, emblems, and images.

Diction and tone perform a critical role in Espada's poem. In the first collection, Espada uses what I think as the most important phrase in the whole poem, " apparition", to bring in regards to a vision he has of your salsa strap through the window of a pawnshop. The word spirit means a ghostlike picture. By evaluating this word and its context, the composition itself has created a strengthen right away. We are able to say that the mood with this poem is extremely gloomy and depressing the moment all one can possibly see is actually a ghost and nothing else. The poem then goes on with detailed words to spell out other aspects. For instance, the word " gleaming" is presented. The word clean means to shine brightly. Simply by introducing this kind of word, the poet pulls emphasis on how important this salsa band is to him during Christmas. Nevertheless , locked in the shop are " gleaming" musical instruments that can't play forget about and Holiday to him is kept in complete silence. In addition, Espada brings up two distinct colors, a " golden trumpet" (line 4) and a " silver trombone" (line 5). Both silver and gold help symbolize the time of Christmas. Nearly all Christmas woods use silver and gold ornaments being a decorative feature. Also, the poem ends with one more word well worth noting, " morgue". A morgue is actually a place exactly where dead body are held. Ironically, during Christmas, all of us don't associate death with such a joyful period. However , from this poem, a connotation pertaining to the word morgue could...