Interviews And Questionnaires Dissertation

Interviews and questionnaires

You are probably most familiar with the interview strategy as it is frequently used in culture, e. g. job selection interviews, progress opinions, celebrity magazine interviews etc . You may also be aware of questionnaires and surveys – perhaps you have recently been stopped in the street and asked for your thoughts about different brands, for example , or perhaps how you want to vote in the next election.

Interviews and questionnaires in psychology are similar to these everyday occurrences in some ways – it's still about requesting people concerns, and these questions may be structured and presented in several ways. Yet , interviews and questionnaires in psychology can serve quite a different purpose, and may come in quite different varieties to those you may have previously skilled.

Task 1

What's in a question?

Just how would you establish a ‘question'?

A more tough question than it initially seems… maybe some examples might help. How do the subsequent questions change?

Do you ever drink alcohol?

Which you prefer, red wine, ale, or neither?

Have you ever felt that you might drink excessive?

What do you think of the problem of binge having, and what solutions might you propose? I am aware that you have recently had an unpleasant knowledge involving alcohol. Do you want to talk about it?

Go over the inquiries in little groups and become prepared to survey back to other class.

Activity 2

When contemplating the use of interviews and forms, we must considercarefully what type of details we want to receive – what form can we want the answers to adopt?

Quantitative details can be quantified and measured up – e. g. number of ‘yes' answers, number of people who solved 'often' to question several etc .

Qualitative information can often be rich details which lets us know a lot about this individual, nevertheless which is hard to assess, generalise and ‘add up'.

Researchers might want to use quantitative, qualitative or maybe a combination of both the in...