IIA’s Code of Values: Alison Lloyd Essay

п»їStatement in the problem

What if the Alison Lloyd do as an Auditor who decided with IIA's Code of Ethics, considering the company's unevenness of bills in the getting department.


To counsel fidelity and honesty in the company, specially in each of the departments. To eliminate every one of the anomalies which have been practiced by purchasing office for years currently. To have a clean record of transactions in and out of the firm.

Areas of considerations:

Demographic –

Interior: The employees in each division concerned with the anomaly. Exterior: The people troubled by their action outside the division. The IIAs, etc . Ecology –

Internal: The relashionship between your management plus the employees. Plus the relationship from the employees using their environment. In this instance, in the office or perhaps workplace in addition to dealing with one another. External: The partnership between the getting department to the other supliers outside of the business. Political/Legal –

Interior: The elements that influences the judement of Greg Berg in making alterations in the invoices which is not legal. External: IIA's restrictions and code of values, and also the legislation of our region regarding palcification of files. ( Which includes alterations of invoices) Technical –

Inside: Factors that pushed the employees to do some alterations due to technical causes. Like, looking to reach qoutas to receive a benefit resulting fake invoices. Thus, cheating the management. Exterior: Factors that could affect the company with their workers who happen to be dishonest. It could result to buyers not really happy, or stocks and shares might be used up because that they only defraud production quotas. Economical –

Internal: The realese of bonus deals to staff who will not really are worthy of them might result to discord in the financial department. External: Other companies that may take advantage of this problem, which will result to lower product sales for the time-being. (Because...