Hong Kong Disney Case Study Essay

Tuyen Tran

BAD 345-03


Hk Case Study

Hong Kong Disney property was an optimistic business concept that was designed to further catapult the Disney brand into the Asian marketplace. After a powerful operation in Tokyo Japan Disney thought that the Hk market will follow suit. However , Hong Kong Disney had not been the achievement Disney got hoped and was losing costumers and money early on and had not been seeing any profits. Disney was not sure why people and visitors were arriving at their recreation area and tried out many marketing promotions and strategies to get residents, mainland vacationers and oversea tourist to their park. The park was frequently operating at 50 percent its capability. Other concerns the recreation area was having was staff complaining of long operate hours, not getting paid for overtime, however, and inadequate break times. Customers also thought the park was overpriced, far too small and was very crowed.

A big reason why Disney was going down hill was its neglect for a lot of issues that experienced the company in Hong Kong. 1st was the size of the park issue that hurt Hong Kong Disney. It absolutely was smallest of all parks with only 40 acres for rides. It had the exact same voyages as the park in Anaheim California but simply a smaller type. This harm them several Hong Kong residents had visited other Disney parks around the world and got the actual version feasible. I sort of feel it was a punch to the confront of Hong Kong. By making a compact park this mean much longer wait moments and over masses might be an issue. The people of Hong Kong will be notorious for not liking to await in lines. Automobile treatment was also crucial in so why Disney was doing desperately. Since Disney was a north american company I actually believed people thought they have to have had better standards for employees similar to the employees in the united states. This was not the case as Disney took advantage of their employees with strenuous work schedules and long hours. This kind of treatment generated bad press and unhappy employees. Employee happiness...