Harrison Bergeon Essay

ENC 1102

twenty nine September 2013

Harrison Bergeron: The Danger of Total Equality

Individuality is known as a person's most precious virtue. Many could say that your individuality is among the most unique of footprints to leave with this earth. A human being's natural attributes will be what the universe thrives upon. The Announcement of Self-reliance states, " All men are created equal” and Kurt Vonnegut's story Harrison Bergeron, explores and executes this kind of notion with such brutality that it causes reasonable tension to the thought of conformity. The hazards of forced, total equality are uncovered through the use of symbolism, imagery, and characterization through this short account. Vonnegut uses a couple of icons throughout the tale. Nonetheless the most abundant symbol is actually Harrison, in the sense that he embodies the part of the American people who still yearn to display all their qualities, and outdo others around them. " He is considerably more intelligent, more physically in a position, and better looking than the rest of contemporary society, and even though he is only 16, he is locked up as a threat”. The government truly does everything in its power to diminish Harrison, however non-e in the government's obstructions can cripple the youthful Harrison. His parents, however, do not have precisely the same yearn for life. It seems that they have succumbed to the regulations with the " new world” since exemplified by simply statement made by George Bergeron. When asked if he wanted to others the forty-seven pound carrier that is padlocked around his neck, " I avoid notice that any more. Is actually just a a part of me. In addition to signs, Vonnegut as well utilizes equally visual and auditory imagery throughout the account, weaving that in and out, in order that the reader might obtain image imageries and gain a firmer stance on the concept of the the story. The " endowed intelligence” heroes in Harrison Bergeron happen to be burdened with either mental and or physical handicaps, positioned by the Us Handicapper Basic (H-G), to make society...

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