Operating Strategy UNIQLO Dissertation

Operating Approach ~ The UNIQLO case~

1142535b Sachiko Okita


UNIQLO is a Japanese casual put on designer, manufacturer and store. UNIQLO has been recording great sale, they will made a fresh sales record, 923, 600, 000, 000yen on 2012. In addition , they have wide and various customers, old and young, men and women, family and lovers etc . Their very own sex, era and lifestyle is different.

The key success aspect is " No concentrate on customer”

In 2013 the CEO of UNIQLO, Tadashi Yanai built new principle, " Lifestyle Wear”. Your life Wear means the have on change the lifestyle of people all over the world more enjoyable and comfortable. UNIQLO have been making basic but superior quality clothes for approximately 20 years. This concept, Life Put on is along our background new class of apparel market. UNIQLO says our Life Wear could keep on growing as a new type of style, which is always with our way of living. This concept leads one big question, " Who is UNIQLO's customer, the individuals all over the world? ” In industry strategy today, we discovered we should explain customer's picture and commit for them. Although UNIQLO be successful without this strategy. " Zero target customer” is the key accomplishment factor of UNIQLO. UNIQLO's product is not fashionable but not dairy necessity. It is the middle of them, " Fashionable in proper level but simple clothes with reasonable value for all generation and sex”.

Other Companies, Fast Fashion and massive Super Market Chains

Just before focusing on what UNIQLO is performing, let me speak about other fast fashion firm and the clothes as a milk necessity. 1 . Fast Vogue

H& Meters and ZARA are the biggest apparel businesses in the world at this point. They be successful with HEALTH SPA system and " Fashion”. They make stylish clothes quickly with touch. Their main customers will be women in their teen to thirties. 2 . Big Grocery store

The clothes are cheap rather than fashionable. People especially older buy them because they are not interested in fashion. They just need clothing in order to feel warm and...