Bank Composition

Letter of Transmittal2

Professional Summary5

1 ) Introduction6

2 . Comapany Overview6

2 . one particular Background Information6

2 . two Products and Services7

2 . a few Key organization activities7

three or more. External Environment Overview8

a few. 1 Business Industry Review8

3. 2 Effects of current state from the economy9

several. 3 PEST Analysis11

three or more. 4 Porter's 5 Forces11

4. Interior Analysis12

four. 1 Corporate Governance Analysis12

4. 2 McKinsey Seven ‘S' Framework13

5. Financial and Ideal Analysis15

5. 1 Time-series Analysis15

your five. 2 Cross-sectional Analysis16

five. 3 Prevalent Size (Vertical) Analysis16

5. 4 Tendency (Horizontal) Analysis17

5. five Ratio Analysis17

5. 6 Dividend Policy19

6. SWOT Analysis20

several. Scenario Analysis20

7. you Grow naturally in European Australia20

7. 2 Progress by acquisition21

7. three or more Expand overseas22

7. 4 Scenario discussion22

8. Promoting the strategy24

9. Conclusion27

11. Appendix32

Appendix eleven. 1 – International Operations32

Appendix 14. 2 – NPAT Financials33

Appendix 10. 3 – Local Network34

Appendix 11. 4 – 2010 Awards34

Appendix 11. 5 – PEST Analysis34

Appendix 11. 6 – Porter's a few Forces40

Appendix 11. six – Common Size Research for CBA 200942

Appendix 11. almost eight – Tendency Analysis to get CBA 200943

Appendix 11. 9 – Ratios Stand for the " big four” 2007-200944

Appendix 10. 10 – Dividend Paid out from 2007 to 200945

Appendix 10. 11 – Dividend History for Commonwealth Bank of Australia45

Appendix 11. 12 – SWOT Analysis46

Appendix 11. 13 – OECD Forecasts50

Appendix 11. 18 – Oriental Resources Figures51

Appendix 14. 15 – Australia's trade balance51

Appendix 11. sixteen – Rates of interest of key economies52

Appendix 11. 17 – GFC effect on Price tag deposits52

Appendix 11. 18 – Rental, Branch and ATM expansion Analysis53

Appendix 11. nineteen – Overdraft Headroom54

Appendix 11. 20 – Expense of equity, beta and debt ratios55

Appendix 11. 21 years old – Breakdown of past due loans55

Appendix 11. 22 – Pro-forma financials56

Appendix 11. twenty three – Default rates and EBITDA awareness used in analysis57

Appendix 10. 24 – Share Cost Performance58

Business Summary

The objective of this report is to assess the performance with the Commonwealth Traditional bank of Down under (CBA) with a view to suggesting a financially justified development strategy for another 3-5 12 months strategic preparing horizon. The lender provides a broad variety of financial products and services to retail, institutional and corporate clientele. Together with its major competition, NAB, WBC and ANZ, they form the ‘four pillars of banking' in Australia. In order to evaluate the CBA's position, various tools had been used, such as PEST research to examine macro-environment factors, Porter's five pushes to assess the group's position as well as Mckinsey 7S Framework to evaluate the group's framework. The report also examines financial ratios of the CBA as well as their competitors. The end result of our ratio analysis has showed that CBA offers performed very well throughout the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) and is also currently within a sound budget, performing above that of its peers. We certainly have identified the expansion from the Group's branch and ATM operations in Western Quotes to deliver the best results to stakeholders. This will be achieved by building on its recently acquired resources of BankWest, and understanding synergies generated in the incorporation of BankWest's operations. Furthermore, the population and economy of Australia is expected to increase steadily as it emerged through the GFC and this domestic growth will generate superior results than in other places considering the present state of the global economic system. This statement comprises of famous data through the financial years ending 2007, 2008 and 2009 coming from publicly available sources. We certainly have not employed the 2010 financials because they were released during the course of constructing this record. The thoughts and predictions included in this report have not been verified and involve subjective judgment and analysis and they are...

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