Case Study Critique of the Knutson Home Dissertation

Case Study Evaluate

Exactly what some possible reasons caseworkers were not conscious of the conditions in the Jackson house? From the data presented in the case study, decide whether the 9 members in the Division of Youth and Family Services personnel should have been fired. How come or perhaps you should? Was rights served in cases like this? Why or why not? Can this situation have been completely prevented? If perhaps so , just how? If certainly not, why Following reading the content concerning the Jackson home, I was very disrupted. There are numerous causes the situations against the under nourished foster kids went unreported. I do not believe that the caseworkers know without a doubt that they can were unaware of their conditions. However , I know the create parents utilized eating disorders to hide up the undernourishment of the kids. Also, the statement regarding the caseworkers praying together with the family pertaining to utilities is unethical. Not simply because of certain religious philosophy, but mainly because not having enough living preparations is warrant enough to eliminate the children from this home. The nine members working for the state should have definitely been dismissed. It is generally there job to shield the interest of all children underneath their custody of the children. To protect their interests, children must have foodstuff, shelter, normal water, and satisfactory living arrangements. The workers should have also supervised the home more thoroughly to make certain proper protocol, such as overall health exams, were followed. The convictions of the foster parents and the shooting of the staff was a step toward ensuring justice was served. The state of hawaii needs to send a clear meaning that harboring foster children is not just a supplemental income, but increasing the children as though they were the own. Any kind of state worker should be extensively trained in the procedure and should always be held in charge of any violations, to the utmost requirements with the law. This situation could have been averted with adequate supervision. Right now there should always be a supervisor managing supervisors by any means...

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