el filibusterismo Essay

Chapter 19: El Filibusterismo published in Ghent (1891

October 1887

Rizal started writing the EL Filibusterismo while practicing medicine in Calamba Drive 29, 1891

Finished the manuscript

Deprivation in Ghent

July a few, 1891 – Rizal head to Ghent and left Brussels


1 . Cost of printing was cheaper

2 . To escape from your enticing appeal of tiny Suzanne

In Ghent, this individual meet two compatriots Jose Alejandro (from Pampanga) and Edilberto Evangelista (from Manila) both learning engineering in university of Ghent.

The printing of EL FILI:

F. Meyer-Van loo Press (no. 66 Viaaderen street)

-where this individual print his book on instalment basis.

August 6th, 1891 – Printing needed to be susoended mainly because Rizal does not have longer provide the necessary money to the inkjet printer.

Ventura, Messiah of the fili:

Valentin Azar in Paris learned of Rizal's predictament and quickly sent him the necessary cash, the printing of este fili was resumed.

The EL FILI comes off of the press:

September 18, 1891

Rizal sent copies to Basa, Sixto Lopez, Blumentrit, Juan Luna and other close friends. To his friend in Paris, Azar, He gratefully donate the initial manuscript and an autograph printed duplicate.

A Barcelona newspaper eulogize and become a " MODEL and TREASURED novels, Jewels in the today decadent literature of spain. ”

Rizal's Unfinished 3rd Novel:

Noli can be described as romantic story; it is a function of the center, a book of feeling, quality, color, wit, lightness, and wit. Fili is a political novel – it contains bitterness, hatred, soreness, violence and sorrow however the 3rd unfinished novel can be not in politics, yet ethics may play the principal function.