Essay about Midsummer Evening s Fantasy by Wil

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Professor Saporito

" A Midsummer Night's Dream: Think with the Center and not with the Mind”

In " Midsummer Night's Wish by William Shakespeare; Helena describes the undying love that she feels for Demetrius and can't realise why he would not reciprocate the same. Helena envies her friend Hermia's and Lysander's happiness and wants that the lady had a similar with Demetrius. Although everyone in Athens believes that she is just like pretty because Hermia; Demetrius does not view the same and it torments her. Helena has tried to open up his eyes to generate him see that she is the main one he should certainly love although he is totally blinded simply by Hermia's natural beauty. Helena believes that in the event he adored her once before; the girl can get him to appreciate her once again but she will have to do the ultimate in order to get him to " think with all the heart but not with the mind”.

Helena's appreciate for Demetrius can be best described as loyal and unreturned. Helena commences her initial soliloquy by simply telling the group that " Love appears not with the eyes, good results . the mind and therefore is winged Cupid colored blind”. Helena feels that Demetrius' appreciate for Hermia is succinct, pithy and centered only what he perceives; her magnificence. Although, Helena thinks that she is just as beautiful; her insecurities make her feel jealous of Hermia, although Hermia wants nothing to carry out with Demetrius. Demetrius will not even recognize Helena but she refuses to give up on him regardless of how this individual treats her. She will whatever it takes to make him realize that your woman deserves to obtain his like. Helena's appreciate for Demetrius gives her the impulse to act in an immature manner the moment out of spite and desperation the girl tells Demetrius that Hermia and Lysander are going to try to escape to marry in order to get him to despise them both. Helena believes that her address love could possibly get Demetrius to see that this wounderful woman has been worthy of him most along and her credibility will be enough for him to fall in love with her once again. �

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