Dear Professor Wiesel Dissertation

Dear Professor Wiesel,

My name is (name here), a (grade) at Estero (School). My English class experienced just done your publication " Night", and I need to say it absolutely was one of the most interesting books We have read in awhile. I had been extremely thrilled when my own teacher first proposed thinking about reading a survivors tale of the Holocaust. I had identified it extremely fascinating to hear a story received from you, like a survivor of the Holocaust.

1st, after examining details of the book " Night", I feel several things must be read and acknowledge by every human being in order to stop future mass genocides like the Holocaust. It seems like to me that genocide starts as only a small idea and in almost no time it distributes just as a wild fire would, that grows speedily. It's definitely disgusting to learn discrimination between differences nonetheless exists in today's society and in the end leads to the same conclusion. " Night", I feel is a great attempt to end splendour and genocide which is why I seriously admire the things you have done by reliving the horrific knowledge in order to teach the world more about the Holocaust from a different perspective.

Next, being forced to live in these kinds of a such confined place such as Auschwitz concentration camp with tiny food and water is hard enough, yet having to manage such discomfort from seeing your whole family members die along with friends and family for no reason is just speechless. I had a genuine tough time dealing with a family member fatality who passed away from retirement years. Just considering what I'd personally do basically found out my parents or sibling were useless is ridiculous, let alone seeing them die. I seriously don't know how you will did it. What did you look up toward? What had been you considering doing? Becoming alive today must be tough at some points from the terrifying memories that run through your brain.

To summarize, I really need to thank you for having the courage to write this story in such great details. Get not only improved others perspectives on splendour and genocide, you've change mine because...