Establishing Pomelo Wine Control Plant Dissertation





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Filipinos' wine consumption boosts by 10 % each year. Filipinos were seen as the number one wine drinkers in Asia eating a total of 146, 500 bottles of wine (Joyce P. Valbuena Health Action Information Network, the Philippines). Filipinos drink to socialize and to take away stress and burden, dealing, escaping and medicating oneself. Among in the common wines that are consumed by many may include grape-based and non-grape-based (NGB). NGB contain wines created from fruits like apples and elder fruits, starches like rice, and flowers and weeds just like dandelion and marijuana (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Non-grape-based_wine). Pomelo is usually an abundant fresh fruit tree in the Philippines. Consequently, it can be identified everywhere in the locality. The fruit includes a diverse function to individual for it is not only remedies to treatment certain wellness infirmities; prevent our body via various diseases`; and as well because help digestive function in efficient way. Actually, pomelos usually are eaten not merely because of the superb taste it possesses and in addition because of its nutritional value. Since the majority of the fruits may be made into wine beverages, the researcher try to consider the possibilities of creating a wine out of pomelo fruit extract. The foreseen achievement of this examine pave way to the finding that toronja can be utilized while wine. As a result, this could put as another option to wine customers. In addition , as wine will be popular in Filipino and Filipino's will be said to be the mild consumers, the endorse decided to research the feasibility of pomelo wine.


This study determined the feasibility that Pomelo could provide the benefits when applied on the external surface of the human body of the body of a human.

It especially sought answers on the pursuing questions:

1 ) What is the feasibility of its advertising aspect in terms of: installment payments on your 1 Require analysis

2 . a couple of Supply evaluation

2 . a few Price analysis

2 . 4 Marketing analysis

2 . Precisely what is the feasibility of the technical aspect in terms of: 3. your five The Product

three or more. 6 Manufacturing Process

several. 7 Grow Size

three or more. 8 Plant Lay-out

3. 9 Equipment's, Plant and Machinery Requirements

3. 12 Building Features

3. 10 Raw Materials and provide

3. doze Production Cost

3. What is the feasibility of its management take into account terms of: 4. 13 Organizing a sole proprietorship

4. 18 Organizational System and Staffing pattern

4. 15 Preparing

4. 18 Salary size and mandated employee benefits

4. Precisely what is the feasibility of its financial take into account terms of: 5. seventeen Capital Requirements

5. 18 Source of cash

5. nineteen Return of Investments

five. 20 Repayment Period

5. What are the socio-economic benefits of the task in terms of: 6. 21 Interpersonal aspect

six. 22 Authorities aspect


This study was focused on promoting aspects regarding demand analysis, supply research, price analysis and marketing program. On specialized aspects, regarding product, making process, plant size, herb lay-out, equipments, plant, machinery requirements and building facilities. On managing aspects with regards to organizing a sole proprietorship, organizational set-up and staffing pattern, planning and salary scale and mandated worker benefits. About financial aspect in terms of capital requirements, source of funds, return of investments and payback period. Lastly, in ton socio-economic benefits of the project when it comes to social factor and government aspect.

From your data consumed in selected household in every baranggay within the vicinity of Butuan Town. METHODOLOGY


The key research...