Conjunction Worksheet Essay

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Conjunctions Practice Worksheet

A. Match the word halves to create a complete sentence. Draw lines between the two. |Both Peter |but we have enough funds. | |Not only do we want to go |neither true neither realistic. | |Either Jack will have to operate more hours |and I happen to be coming a few weeks. | |That story was |either his career or his hobby. | |Students who succeed not only study hard |but also use all their instincts if perhaps they do not understand the answer. | |In the conclusion he had to decide on |or we will have to hire somebody new.

W. Combine the next sentences as one sentence applying paired conjunctions (conjunctions that go together). Choose from the following options: equally... and; not merely... but likewise; either... or; neither... nor 1 . We could fly. We could go by train.

______________________________________________________________________________________ installment payments on your She will need to study hard. She will need to concentrate to accomplish well around the exam. ______________________________________________________________________________________ 3. Jack port is certainly not here. Mary is in one more city.

______________________________________________________________________________________ 4. The speaker will not confirm the story. The presenter will not deny the story. ______________________________________________________________________________________ 5. Pneumonia is a hazardous disease. Little pox can be described as dangerous disease. ______________________________________________________________________________________ six. Fred enjoys...