Colonisation Composition

Mahala Banerjee

Colonisation essay


Throughout globe history, nations around the world have been overcoming other groups of people in order to gain land and power. Colonisation may be viewed by several as good for a society, as it frequently introduces modern day ideas and technology. Other folks see colonisation as harmful to a lifestyle. Although colonisation certainly has its benefits, societies needs to be left to formulate on their own, clear of force.

The advantages of colonisation should not be ignored. As one group takes over one more, they tend to create modern medical ideas and technological advancements. One can see examples of this kind of throughout record in European conquests of African countries. The Europeans had weaponry, such as weapons, which were much more powerful and advanced than anything that the Africans held at the time. Medical and technological advances through colonisation can easily improve a society keeping them updated with the modern day world.

Inspite of all of the advantages, however , colonisation has confirmed to be ruinous to a lot of cultures. While European colonisers arrived in Photography equipment tribal communities, they often brought Christianity and forced the Africans to convert, destroying classic religion. European colonisers likewise banned selected traditional procedures. In the case of the Yoruba persons in Nigeria, the techniques of polygamy and burying the useless within the home were banned. These procedures were important to the Yoruba society and colonisation offers negatively impacted the richness of Yoruba culture.

It truly is arguable that the society must be left to develop on its own with no colonial influence. If a group of people that only features simple technology is suddenly exposed to effective weapons including guns, accidents could happen resulting from ignorance to how individuals weapons work. In Issues Fall Apart, Okonkwo accidentally shoots a young guy due to this extremely issue. It truly is generally a bad idea to quickly introduce technology to a...