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Sample Followup Letter #1

Dear (Insert Colleague's Term Here):

Initial, let me communicate my understanding for your readiness to be involved in our community public health criteria project. This initiative is a wonderful opportunity to gather the varied institutions and organizations that work to protect and improve the well being of the (Insert Community Here), and a quick way to assess our strengths and weaknesses being a " system".

I am sending some preliminary components as background for all who will be participating in one or both workshops. You can benefit most from examining these in advance of the classes. The preparatory materials contain program daily activities for the workshops, and some literature on the Ten Essential Public Health Solutions, which are the framework for the area public health program performance criteria. During the course of the workshops we are discussing all these " Necessary Services, ” and ranking our functionality based on some questions that will be distributed in the session.

It can be understood that some of you will be attending on the list of two training courses. non-etheless, we all wanted you to have the data for both sessions in order to understand the full scope of the standards task.

Each workshop will work from (Insert Time Here) until (Insert Time Here), starting rapidly at (Insert Time Here) and stopping by (Insert Time Here). We will be providing a light lunch break and lunch time for all individuals.

I realize this is a considerable time dedication on your component, and the task before all of us is significant. But We am comfortable that we could work productively and achieve the required outcome in the time allocated. Most importantly, I believe that this commencing will result in a much better grasp of exactly where we are as a public health program and help us to chart the program for the future.


Sample Followup Letter #2

Dear (Insert Colleague's Identity Here):

I am looking forward to hearing from more...