Chapter 6th Railroads Quiz Essay

1. What do almost all rail movements involve? Low value, heavy commodities

installment payments on your The basic device of dimension for railroad freight handling is known as the: Carload

3. Which type of railroad car has the greatest numbers in service? Covered hopper

4. Who are the owners the greatest percentage of going stock utilized? Class My spouse and i railroads

a few. What is the normal track measure in the U. S? 4' 8. 5"

6. Which usually of the following helped bring about the chafing of railroad dominance in U. S i9000. transportation? Federal government funded structure of roads


A - Diesel engine B - Alternator/generator C - Grip motor

eight. Was AMTRAK created ahead of or after the economic deregulation of railroads? Before- Amtrak was created in 1971 and railroads were finally deregulated with all the Staggers Act of 80. 9. So why was the knuckle coupler this kind of important creation for the railroads? It greatly better safety once coupling and uncoupling vehicles.

10. Exactly why is a U. S. shipment locomotive call a " diesel-electric"? A diesel engine drives a generator/alternator which often drives electric traction engines that convert the wheels.

11. How is definitely Class My spouse and i railroad status determined? Annual Revenue doze. How a large number of Class I actually freight railroads are there inside the U. S i9000.? Seven

13. Why was AMTRAK proven? Relieved the railroads in the burden of having to provide traveling rail transportation.

14. List five (5) U. T. Class My spouse and i railroads by their official abbreviations: CSX, NATURSEKT, UP, BNSF, KCS, CN, CP

15. What would the Railroad Reorganization Act of 1973 create? Conrail

16. About what year was the U. S. transcontinental train completed? 1869