Essay about how to build an Ethical Organization Component 1


Building an Honest Organization Portion 1

Tonia M Hardwoods

HSM/230 Honest Issues in Human Providers Organizations

October 19, 2014

Kristin Gage

Building an Ethical Corporation Part one particular

This counseling middle description is actually a fictitious organization which has been modeled as if I were the director. The organization description provides for a objective statement and values statement which blueprints the ethical development of the business. I have additional modeled this kind of organization on psychological and behavioral theories in the wish to avoid ethical implications that may be inherent to organizations that utilize other restorative models. In specific, I use rejected the utilization of Christian based counseling services as their theological involvement which has a tendency to place ethical overtones on patient tendencies. As well, I rejected twelve step strategies as they are basically religious in nature and this may interfere with the patient's autonomy in seeking alternatives (Wilson, 2001). Ethical Firm

Baltimore Counseling Lovers (BCP) began to provide effective and practical counseling services for the Baltimore place, for individuals and families. BCP is a to get profit firm that runs on a slipping scale payment system. The BCP has flexible payment programs and welcomes most types of insurances in hopes of reaching the widest range of individuals feasible. It is the aim of the BCP to provide counseling for any with the following concerns; drug dependency problems, romance difficulties, stress, sexual difficulties, raising a child challenges, relatives stress, depressive disorder, anxiety, prokrastination, death, relationship loss, joblessness, ADD/ADHD, serious pain/illnesses, university issues, adolescent issues, fears, and legal problems. BCP employs the counseling method of guided self-assessment. Through this method BCP efforts to identify life adjustment challenges, personal conflicts, relationship problems, behavioral problems, family conflicts, self-identity issues, emotional problems, and/or existence stage advancement issues that are interfering with overall quality of life. The query and recognition of the origins and causes of these issues, both psychologically and factually, is of extreme importance to BCP's therapy unit (CBT, 2009). The BCP therapy version is designed with the use of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. This type of remedies are based on the fact that many bad forms of considering and behavior have been learned over a long period of time. Using a set of methodized techniques, a BCP specialist attempts to distinguish thinking that causes negative thoughts and patterns. The client then simply learns to change this pondering which, subsequently, develops in to more appropriate and positive reactions (CBT, 2009). The goal of remedy also includes the development of a plan intended for change to resolve these personal issues. The program for personal modify will include behavioral as well as psychic changes that allow someone to adopt new reactions and healthy reactions to life's situations. The assistance in creating and putting into action the necessary personal life alterations will be attained through coaching, psychological education, and psychological support (CBT, 2009). BCP respects a client's directly to autonomous remedy and range of self-improvement. Therefore , BCP rejects the use of Christian and 12 step centered methodologies. BCP neither uses nor encourages the use of these methodologies, mainly because these programs are spiritually based. The psychic basis of these kinds of programs needs a certain standard of religious faith. BCP seems that the demand to comply with any faith based doctrine, regardless of how innocuous, will detract in the freedom in the client to find a therapy of their choosing. Will need to a patient wish to attend twelve step applications in conjunction with remedy at BCP this is his or her choice (Wilson, 2001). The BCP objective is, ‘Baltimore Counseling Lovers is a...

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