Battlefield in the Mind: Dilemmas Presented by simply Joyce Meyer Essay

Battlefield of the Head

" Could it be impossible? Will it be hard? ” These are the dilemmas that Joyce She gave to the reader, when it came to letting God into the personal realms. Would these kinds of questions make a difference in the way we believe and safeguard our thoughts from an unseen adversary?

Just like a soldier around the front range, our minds do so much for us; just as the soldier around the frontline, you need to guard and protect the minds as well. As neurons fire and dopamine moves an atomic distance from receptor to receptor, the proof can be seen in our every day actions; from your smallest twitch to the words we speak, our brain… our head play's a central part in every actions we produce.

The designated article, " Battlefield from the Mind”, offered a shock to my perspective on the mind and made me reflect on the things i really allow into the space between my personal ears. Your head is a window into my own inner spirit man. If perhaps someone pores oil in to water you will see the instant separating and the distinctive difference; similar goes for our mind and what we let influence our thoughts and thought process'. Just like exactly what is read in Genesis, anything God acquired created " was great. ” Just like in Genesis, man finds a way to perv and form the mind in to something that is more fitting intended for himself, instead of God.

The great thing that comes from here is info the fact that even though all the aforementioned " bad” points fermenting within our brain by not guarding it can ruin us, we also have a method to protect our mind preventing it by turning against God. All of us do this simply by calling on The almighty to complete the spaces we leave vulnerable to the world and other outdoors influences.

" Amazing Elegance, how fairly sweet the sound…” Simple words and phrases that explain the revitalization that The almighty can bring in our lives, provide into each of our soul, deliver into each of our mind, whenever we ask, Whenever we mean it. The Blood of Jesus Christ, and the promise that He will by no means leave us or perhaps forsake us can continue to indicate in the extremely depths of the...