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Do you believe every historical document or book was true? Before, we consider if the historical documents or books are true; first, we have to look at the historical celebration with a distinct point of view since it is easy to get prejudiced information; whenever we only concentrate on one area of the celebration. In the book Following your Fact " The View above the bottom Rail” by James West Davidson and Mark Edinburgh Lytle, the authors illustrate that discovering the historical story of the freed persons is difficult because histories deal with " top rail” rather than the " bottom rail” of the lower social classes. Therefore , the freed peoples' history is now flawed.

Authoring a historic event is usually exceedingly tough, because we must consider different points of look at. Thus, if the historian dedicated to only one area of the account, the traditional event will remain biased. For example , the history of slavery was biased and was not correct. According to the writers, the dark slaves cannot read or write during that time; regardless if someone could read, they'd to hide this skill from other masters. After that, almost of the written ebooks or paperwork about slavery were authored by the light masters. Therefore , the information has not been only exact but likewise biased since the information originated from white masters rather than slaves who actually know the fact.

Moreover, even though the interviews originated from slaves, nearly all interviewee experienced slavery by his or her childhood; therefore , the interviews were also biased because they aimed at those who made it through slavery. Since the author talks about, " the standard life expectancy of a slave in 1850 was less than 50 years”(Davison and Lytle 180). Thus, after they were interviewed by someone, they were outdated. Two-thirds of which were above 80 years aged; that could lead us to assume that we were holding treated much less harsh than any other people who passed away early due to harsher treatment in previous years. Additionally, as...